Avon & Vitamins

I’ve heard rumours that Avon Canada 🇨🇦 will be selling Vitamins as well, just like the American version, I think it’ll do quite well because everyone wants to be healthy & have lots of energy! I don’t know what the name of it will be or if it’ll be the same as the American version Espira! I’m looking forward to it & I’ll try it myself & see if works for me as well!

Here are some photos from the American Avon Version of Espira Vitamins!

Avon + SickKids Hospital

We’ve been trying to Raise Money for SickKids Hospital since last July when I started selling Avon! I have purchased over a Thousand Dollars worth of Avon for this Raffle that we’ve been working on & all we’ve Raised is less than $100.00! We were hoping to have more support from people, last year over 5000 children & babies from Peterborough & the Kawartha’s went to SickKids Hospital & the numbers are growing drastically! They are building a new Hospital to accommodate parents in the rooms with their children & babies, better medical care access for children & babies! They want to Cure Children’s Cancer & so do we! Raffle Tickets are $2.00 for One & $5.00 for 3 All the Money goes to SickKids Hospital! Please see Me or my Husband Jeff Embury for Tickets! We also except E-Transfer as well just ask us for our emails! I’m still adding to the baskets! 👶👶💙💙


Hi I’m trying #Ripl out & it’s improving my business very well, I do recommend trying it out for your business! As of March 1st,2018 going Door 🚪 to Door will be illegal in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 So if you see me out & about or if you’re on Social Media & have my number to call or text me then that is how you will find out about Awesome Deals for Avon & you can order from me day or night, I’m an Online Business & have access to anything Avon 24/7 ! It’s not just Makeup, it’s Holidays, Seasonal, Pet’s & Kitchen items! Also toys for children! If you’re interested in anything please let me know thank you 😊

I’m still offering 50% off all this month and I’ll keep it going if I get orders but if I don’t get orders then I won’t do it again for a while 🤔 So don’t pass up a good opportunity when you see it!