Erin’s Avon 

I’ll bring you your order to your door 🚪 or work place if needed, I’ll drive as far as needed to get customers! I don’t give up, I keep striving until I get what’s needed! If you don’t have my number let me know & I can place your order for you & bring it to you! Campaign 18 last date to order is August 23, I would prefer to have your ahead of time but that’s alright! Products sell fast & don’t forget Birthdays 🎉 & Christmas 🎄 are fast approaching! Hurry before it’s Gone! 

Avon Lady Calling ☎️📞📱

This is my part time job , I’m willing to go as far as I can to sell Avon! If anyone wants a brochure from me I’ll gladly bring it to you. I’m in Peterborough & I’m also thinking of seeing if anyone in Lakefield would like a Avon Representative! Avon has been around since 1914! There products have changed & improved over the years! Avon is up to date with the products, I couldn’t go a day with out using Avon! Please call, text or message me if you want to order something!