Avon + SickKids Hospital

We’ve been trying to Raise Money for SickKids Hospital since last July when I started selling Avon! I have purchased over a Thousand Dollars worth of Avon for this Raffle that we’ve been working on & all we’ve Raised is less than $100.00! We were hoping to have more support from people, last year over 5000 children & babies from Peterborough & the Kawartha’s went to SickKids Hospital & the numbers are growing drastically! They are building a new Hospital to accommodate parents in the rooms with their children & babies, better medical care access for children & babies! They want to Cure Children’s Cancer & so do we! Raffle Tickets are $2.00 for One & $5.00 for 3 All the Money goes to SickKids Hospital! Please see Me or my Husband Jeff Embury for Tickets! We also except E-Transfer as well just ask us for our emails! I’m still adding to the baskets! 👶👶💙💙

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