Erin’s Avon Canada 🇨🇦 

Wow 😮 Avon has a lot going on right now & they also have Limited Quantities on products because there selling so fast 💨 Avon has a lot of deals 🤑 & Sales on to! After Campaign 26 , Campaign 1 Starts about mid December! I’m happy that I’ve joined Avon, it’s helped us to catch up on bills & groceries & anything our son has needed 😍 

I have the Raffle still going on please buy Tickets & help out a great 👍 Hospital, SickKids Hospital $2.00 for One & $5.00 for 3 All the Money 💰 goes to SickKids Hospital! Right now the Hospital has so many children & babies that they’re going to be building another Hospital because they need the room to accommodate all the children of the world 🌎 The Money also helps for Medical purposes as well to get the right Medicine needed for that child 👶 or baby 👶 

If you’re interested in anything please let me know I’ll make sure you get Brochures please call me 🤙, Text me or message me with your Avon order anytime! 

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