Will You Buy Avon From Me ? 

I’m trying so hard to get customers, even if I had 4 more that would be awesome! Yes I can deliver your order to you, to where it’s convenient for you, either work or home! I accept Cash & I also expect E-Transfer! 

Every time I go out prospecting for customers, they say oh sure I’ll let you know if I want anything, then I follow up with them & still nothing! I keep at it & do my best but I really need honest buying customers now! 

We have bills to pay & yes my husband works 2 jobs but that still doesn’t put the food on the table after the bills are paid! If I can help with the groceries & gas in our vehicles then that’s a bonus for us & hopefully a good Christmas 🎄 for our son! 

Having one customer that’s a chocolate bar, having 5 customers that’s bread & milk & having 10 customers that’s a meal & gas in the vehicles! Sales taxes are what I keep & leftovers from all the orders! Basically paid from Tips! 

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