Avon Campaign 20 

Well for now won’t be going out of town on the 20th so I can take your order by that no problem for now unless I get any changes again! Also I have Campaign 21 which starts September 21st to October 4th & if you don’t have that campaign please let me know & I’ll make sure that you get it! I also have the Raffle still going on, all I’ve raised is $5.00 for SickKids Hospital, I’d would have liked to raise more money for them! 

SickKids Hospital is great for the Children & Babies & Teens that they look after! Children from all over the world go there to get better, yes sadly some don’t make it, but with money raised for them can help to keep a child living a bit longer & have a great life ahead for them! 

Children are our Future & we want the best for them in life & have access to everything that this world has to offer for them! Please buy a Raffle Ticket $2.00 for One & $5.00 for 3 ! Help the ones in need , think that your own children or grandchildren could one day end up at SickKids Hospital, we don’t want them to but it’s the best place to look after them when there sick or have a broken bone! 

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